Premium Hydraulic Folding 3 Gang Rollers

Designed to be the best three-section folding hydraulic rollers on the market, the FR-3 Premium range is ideal for both large-scale farmers and agricultural contractors.

Heavy-duty build quality throughout ensures the machine is strong and reliable, while advanced features include an innovative weight transfer system that ensures weight is evenly spread across the entire working width of the machine.

The rollers are available in 6.40m, 7.30m, and 8.20m working widths and can be tailored to meet the needs of customers, with a choice of two different rings, and optional levelling boards.

Spring-mounted levelling boards shatter clods, break down plough ridges, and level the ground to deliver smooth and even consolidation.

Key features

  • 6.40m (21’ 0”), 7.30m (24’ 0”), and 8.20m (27’ 0”) working widths
  • Trailed

Performance features

  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Active pressure system spreads weight evenly across the rolls
  • Large wheels and tyres for smooth road transport
  • Pivoting wing sections for effective contour-following
  • Choice of two different rings - with or without breakers
  • Available with levelling boards

User friendly

  • Easy adjustment of rings

Reliability and protection

  • Robust fabricated steel frame
  • Hand-built in the UK
  • Triple sealed bearings for enhanced durability
  • Safe-transport lock

Three-section Premium Rollers in action


  • Farmers
  • Contractors

Tractor requirements

  • From 100hp (FR3-640 Premium)
Machine Type FR3-640 Premium Three Gang Roller
Product code 640 C1L
640 CB4L 640 CB5L  640 LC2L
Working width 6.40m (21’)
6.40m (21’)
 6.40m (21’) 6.40m (21’)
Weight 4350kg
Ring Type
Diameter of rings 55cm (22”)    
55cm (22”)
61cm (24”)
61cm (24”)
Machine Type FR3-730 Premium Three Gang Roller
Product code 730 C1L
 730 CB4L  730 CB5L 730 LC2L
Working width 7.30m (24’)
7.30m (24’) 7.30m (24’)
7.30m (24’)
Weight 4650kg 5400kg 5700kg
Ring Type
Diameter of rings 55cm (22”) 55cm (22”)   61cm (24”) 61cm (24”)  
Machine Type FR3-820 Premium Three Gang Roller
Product code 820 C1L
820 CB4L 820 LC2L
Working width 8.20m (27’) 8.20m (27’) 8.20m (27’)
Weight 4950kg 5800kg  4450kg
Ring Type
Diameter of rings 55cm (22”)
55cm (22”)  61cm (24”)

Key to ring types:     

C = Cambridge Rings     CB = Cambridge Breaker Rings     LC = Large Cambridge Rings